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SPACE TOXIN | A Generative Puzzle Game for Android

SPACE TOXIN is a puzzle game based on probability.
Detonate chains, trigger bombs to extend them, and the field will recreate itself in a random manner.
Destroying the whole field in 1 move unlocks the next (bigger) level.

Available NOW from the Google Appstore!

  • 25 levels, 2 game modes: strategic & arcade
  • Generative and emergent gameplay -> never the same game twice!
  • Immersive soundtrack of 4 ambient/space drones provided by Idle Sunder.
  • All Android-based smartphones & tablets supported.

  • Space Toxin | A Generative Puzzle Game for Android

    Works on Android-based tablets & phones.
    Get the FREE DEMO on Google Play, Full version's only .99 cents!
    iPhone/iPad versions planned for the near future.

    All designs made by Jan Robbe / FRAMEofMIND.
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